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Making a Will

It is important that a Will is made properly, that your wishes are carried out and that your intended beneficiaries benefit correctly. Failing to make a Will results in your Estate being governed by the Rules of Intestacy which may leave your intended beneficiaries not as well provided for as you wished. If you are thinking of making a Will come and see us first.

Probate, Estate & Retirement

We can assist you in dealing with the affairs of the deceased person. We know that this can be a difficult time and we will handle all matters with sensitivity and confidentiality. Dealing with an Estate can be complex and you might require help on several aspects, particularly taxation. We can assist you or your next of kin with all issues relating to the administration of an Estate, including taxation and other issues that might arise.
Our expertise in this field includes:

· Drafting Wills
· Inheritance Tax and other Tax issues
· Living Wills ie Power of Attorney
· Trusts
· Administration of Estates
· Obtaining Grant of Probate
· Succession rights
· Disputes in relation to succession
· Estate planning

Contacts: Donald Eakin, Trevor Ringland, Alison Erskine (Larne) and Claire Compston

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